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As we know Delhi is a developing city and getting a home with the facilities here is everyone's dream. But, according to the high prices of the homes, many people are unable to fulfill their dreams of having a home. Now with the help of Delhi Group Housing Societies, you will definitely be able to get the detailed knowledge about the projects while getting all the information of whatever you search for so many times.

Hereby, at the portal site of Delhi Group Housing Society, you would get to know all the data, facts and news updates of the Land Pooling Policy which is quite a trending policy in the industry of real estate. Usually, people who look for the news about the whole land pooling policy are unable to get the information what they often search for. So recently, many of the news regarding the policy has been discussing among the people while still, most of the people are in the confusion.

To make you clear about news and updations some scenarios have given below:

In New Delhi, under the Land Pooling Policy, the central government would now start to lay the foundation for 17 lakh new homes. The DDA has joined hands with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). About 150 builders have been invited to this discussion.

About 650 registrations have been done so far through the website Single Window System started to register under the policy about two months ago. Interestingly, through this, about 250 hectares of land has also come to the DDA to be developed under the Land Pooling Policy. According to a senior DDA official, about 650 registrations have been done on the portal, indicating the willingness of these landowners to participate in the land ownership process. The DDA said that 325 of these have also paid the registration amount and a total of 250 hectares of land has come for pooling.

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has also included 8 villages in the Narela region under the scheme, increasing the scope of land pooling. These are eight villages including Mamurpur, Narela, Bankner, Holambikalan, Eradat Nagar (New Bamboo), Kheda Kalan, Kuraini, Bhorgarh. A proposal in this regard came in the standing committee of North Delhi Municipal Corporation, which has been passed. The land of these 8 villages will now be taken over by the DDA for development works under the Land Pooling Scheme. A list of 14 villages was sent by the DDA to the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, out of which the work of 6 villages has already been finished.

Significantly, people have been waiting for a long time to apply under the Land Pooling Policy. About 17 lakh flats are proposed to be built under it, which will provide shelter to about 76 lakh people. The project is to be built on the land of 95 villages in the capital.

According to the DDA, experts in planning, town planning, engineering, etc. are being included in this panel. This panel will make a detailed outline of the land pooling policy. First, the zonal plans will be prepared. Everything will be marked beforehand in the zonal plan, where there will be community buildings, parks, and parking, sewerage, and drinking water lines.

If Delhi gets mapped by drone, then planning for Delhi will be quite easy. So, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has now resorted to drones for a robust planning of land pooling policy. For the first time, the drone survey of Delhi has started and then planning will be done accordingly.

For further details or knowledge, you can go to the Land Pooling Policy pages. The complete information, procedure, and advantages are thoroughly explained in innovative ways. So, you will be able to understand better.

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